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Seasonal Giving and Healthy Living

December 09, 2013

In a world where technical systems and precision promote perfection and accuracy it's nice to see that small, unassuming gestures and old traditions still thrive.  Italy has a different tonality than the U.S. when it comes to celebrating Christmas time.  While there is anticipation of Santa, gifts under the tree, parties and preparations .... the undertone is much more subdued and religion is at its focus, particularly in the less populated regions.  Village lights were lit yesterday, Sunday, December 8th, the day of Immaculate Conception and Italians celebrated with a special mass and benediction.  Traditionally, Americans go into Christmas preparations full swing the day after Thanksgiving. 
But we stopped getting on the band wagon 11 years ago when our youngest son was born on December 8th.  Being it was so close to Christmas, we decided to get our tree and decorate after his birthday so that we could concentrate on one festivity.  Well, I suppose it was good practice for our life in Italy!  And luckily, celebrating Christmas continues after Christmas Day here.  Most concerts are scheduled following the holiday between Christmas and New Year's and children don't return to school until after January 6th, the Day of Epiphany, which is considered the last Day of Christmas.  Finally then, toasting, feasting, gifting, and singing are slid into the archives of another holiday past and a new year begins.  As we prepare for our own holidays, I note the lack of frenzied feelings and was touched the other day when I watched a simple interaction between an elderly woman and young lady.  The older woman brought in tiny pine cones she had decorated and let the Barista, who serves her cappuccino everyday, pick out her favorite.  They both giggled as they held up each ornament into the light.  And this week, Michel and I arrived at our office in Torre di Palme to be surprised by our neighbor Graziano, who brought us an olive tree to put in an empty pot that had been sitting next to our door.
These small gestures were without fanfare and were contributions that inspired gratitude for the simple things. It was a great reminder that the expression of giving doesn't need to be elaborate, it just needs to be sincere.  Our office now looks complete, is adorned with a tree that not only represents our business for Casal Cristiana Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil, but is symbolic for peace and in some cultures strength.  It's symbolism is grand and we are thrilled to have it's beauty at the forefront of our workplace.  Since our contact with our American friends and colleagues is through cyber space .... your gestures of kindness do not go unnoticed and are appreciated, giving us connection to a large life we have also in America.  Thanks to all who have been reading about our Italian journey, supporting us through purchasing our olive oil, and giving us the courage to try to something new!  We have confirmed that our first shipment is on it's way to America and now we are putting our attention to recipes and olive oil education to further inspire you to use true extra virgin olive oil.  So whether you are an olive oil connoisseur, gourmet chef, health nut or newly inspired cook, we hope you will enjoy healthy and tasteful living by incorporating Casal Cristiana Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil in your daily culinary experience! 
Gifting great taste and good health is certainly appropriate for friends, family and business colleagues.  Let us know if your purchase of our Viva Verde olive oil club is a gift and the recipient will receive an invitation to our Casal Cristiana Release Party at Ponzi Vineyards in Oregon (USA) on Sunday, January 12th.  We will continue to take orders throughout the month.  With your pantry stocked with Casal Cristiana Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil, you'll be on your way to a delicious and healthy New Year!

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