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When Work is Love

May 07, 2018

When was the last time you fell in love with something so much it consumed you? Did it change your life and propel you into an unknown universe? Did it become an intense hobby, work or the very essence of you? I was reminded through out the week of when work is love ... it is one.

When Work is Love - Alfredo LavianoA new acquaintance struck a chord within me as he was describing his new book Le Pentole Narranti. Alfredo Laviano, a musician, chef, author and artist said that music and cooking were not separate to him. The rhythm of the actual art of cooking, creating a dish is like musical composition and the end result is something beautiful and meaningful. A professional percussionist and trained chef, he has combined his two passions. An artist who also draws and paints employs all these talents to create a broad artistic lifestyle. His book is a collection of his own recipes with a contemporary twist on traditional dishes. His work is love that guides him to either his next gig, presentation or project. Alfredo lives in the small beach town, Pedaso, in the Italian region of Le Marche. When Work is Love - Assisi Watercolor On a day trip to Assisi with a friend, I was chatting up a local shopkeeper as she was browsing for a souvenir.  Massimo Favaroni and his family have lived in the same home in Assisi for five generations.  He is a third generation artist, creating beautiful, hand painted memorabilia for tourists and not cheap and meaningless souvenirs.  When asked if he had children to take it to the next generation, he simply gestured to the skylight above me where a toy truck lay abandoned for the moment. When Work is Love - Deruta Vasa Luca Sambuco On this same day, I was visiting Luca Sambuco, who makes our custom Deruta ceramics for Casal Cristiana and Fratelli Ponzi.  This too is a story of where work is love.  Following in the footsteps of his parents humble beginnings to preserve traditional art, he also creates amazing and beautiful contemporary ceramics. He, along with his brother and sister and nine artists and two potters, design pieces for the Vatican, Monte Carlo Yacht Club, and Perugina Chocolate, as well as for ordinary folks like myself.  It is a studio full of history and artisans.  It is such a treasure for me to connect with each individual and hear their story. In Oregon, I encounter this same dream, some say delusion, to follow your heart and pursue love as work.  Many years ago, at the original Ponzi Vineyards historic estate, Michel's mother had a ceramic cornerstone that said "Work is love made visible" and it listed all the people who contributed with their talents and effort in the early days of the winery. At Fratelli Ponzi, we are expressing our love for an Italian region, lifestyle and food through the work we do to help provide commerce for artisan producers. When Work is Love - Natalie's Estate Winery Logo And with this enterprise I am reconnecting with other Oregon winemakers who have similar stories, such as Natalie's Estate Winery located outside of Newberg in the Chehalem Mountain AVA.  We are featuring Natalie's Estate Sangiovese against Villa Papiano Sangiovese at our May 12th Italy in Oregon wine tasting workshop with Sommelier Maxine Borcherding from 9:30 - 11:30 am at Fratelli Ponzi Fine Food & Wine in Dundee. Ponzi Vineyards Dolcetto versus Azelia Dolcetto d'Alba; and Goodfellow Family Cellars Pinot Gris versus Pravis Pinot Grigio. These wines have a story of love and work.  What a great opportunity to taste and compare the new world with the old world of Italian varietals.  When Work is Love - Italy in Oregon WinesWe have seats available for this special event, so check out the EVENTBRITE link for more information and to purchase tickets.  The Dundee Bistro is providing a lovely array of morning inspired and wine friendly appetizers. Join us for this Saturday activity where you can enjoy the efforts of love. I cannot leave out the mention of our tasting event happening this weekend as well.  On both days, taste five wines for $10 at Fratelli Ponzi.  Local winemaker, Timothy Malone, will be on hand on Saturday, from 3-6 p.m. to pour his wines and on Sunday, (Mother's Day outing opportunity), Consulon Wine Company, is presenting a number of interesting wines (see Instagram), also from 3-6 pm. If you decide to purchase two bottles from either tasting, the tasting fee is waived.  It is my love to meet and collaborate with artists of varied talents .... and to share their story and creation with you.

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May 27, 2018

In Oregon, Memorial Day weekend officially kicks off the wine touring season and this weekend is equally as popular here in Italy.  Nearly 100 wineries in Le Marche are throwing open their doors for special tastings and tours to mark the beginning of summer. So, why not make it a sparkling one? Many Oregon producers are now making sparkling wines and at our Dundee location at Fratelli Ponzi Fine Food & Wine, a wine bar and retail shop, we have three wine flights daily with one solely dedicated to sparkling, currently featuring selections from Oregon, Italy, and France. What a way to taste and compare! Learn and celebrate all in one sitting. My favorite kind of moment.

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Gracious Guests

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Our team is literally walking miles to bring a smile to your face.  In one day, our server's pedometer logged 16 miles within our restaurant hustling food and drinks to our celebratory guests.  Whether its an engagement announcement, birthday, Mother's Day, work lunch or it's a "I am treating myself" moment, we are in the business of happiness with great food in a beautiful and relaxing environment and an upbeat team to make it all happen.

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A Liberating Life

April 29, 2018

Today, on April 25th, I sit on my sunny veranda and the wild birds are so noisy and happy.  They are chirping, cawing and singing all at once.  Each species toot their own horn, as if to say … “hey, you are not the only free bird flying around these pretty blue skies” … over the Adriatic Sea in central Italy.

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