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Rebecca Ponzi

Born as an identical twin, Rebecca was never lonely throughout her childhood.  Ironically, she was also born under the Gemini star sign and is a natural communicator (luckily for her – she always had someone to talk to) and adept at juggling multiple activities.  At an early age, she was organizing her own singing performances with her twin, crafting lyrics to original music, writing poetry and leading the way with events and activities which transformed into a career of marketing, special event coordination, public relations and communication after finishing her television and film degree at the University of Oregon. Rebecca is true to her sign (if you believe in zodiac descriptions) with interests in many things, tires of the mundane, day dreamer and always willing to lend a hand to friends and family.  By staying on the “bright side” she has been successful at community building throughout her professional and personal life.

With a consistent positive attitude and desire to support those with great ideas, she has helped launch several businesses, increase traffic and revenue for retail outlets and raised money for non-profit organizations throughout her adulthood.  To site a couple of examples, her non-profit work included generating awareness for motorcycle safety and successfully managed the media campaign to put the helmet law into place in the state of Washington in the late 80’s.  In the early 90’s she managed all marketing components for a 750,000 square foot shopping center, Jantzen Beach Center, resulting in the creation of special events and community involvement that were continued for years following the inception of her programs.  As Auction Co-Chair for the Montessori School of Beaverton she and her team surpassed previous profitability and raised $175,000 for the school.  She helped create regional and local awareness and built community relations for the Ponzi family’s restaurant, The Dundee Bistro, in Oregon wine country.   With more than 200 special events organized and numerous clients through the years, Rebecca uses her “old school” public relations know-how with “new tech” social media and distribution for consumer and media awareness.

Curiosity and communication are key attributes to her adventurous desire to see the world and use those experiences in work and play.  Rebecca launched Fratelli Ponzi from her Italian home along the shores of the Adriatic Sea.  After five years of working remotely, Rebecca now does the super international commute between Portland, Oregon and Porto San Giorgio, overseeing all marketing and communications for her restaurant, The Dundee Bistro as well as the Fratelli Ponzi brand.  Wherever she goes, she shares her stories of her experience as an expat and the beautiful Italian culture, its people and adventures on her blog.

While moving to Italy was never a childhood dream, she fell in love with an American-Italian.  Her youthful interest for all things French soon turned to all things Italian upon her first visit in 1998.  With eyes wide open, this experience changed her life forever.  After spending time in Ireland, Scotland, Israel and other European visits, it was Italy that stole her heart, along with her husband, Michel.

With a love of singing, she started performing at a young age with her twin sister Brenda. Their musical talent helped pay the bills for college and singing continued to be a personal and creative outlet for her.  Rebecca sang with the Corale Cantate Domino in Torre di Palme, Italy, for five years, expanding her vocal skills and musical knowledge. In her spare time, she collaborates with her husband, writing lyrics to his original melodies.

When she’s not traveling, writing and working, Rebecca spends as much time as possible getting moments in with her family in Italy and Oregon. 

Her motto in life is the following and hopes she can always continue to support those with creative ideas that have a positive impact on others.

 “Those who wish to sing will always find a song.”

Swedish Proverb