Authentic 100% Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil & Organic Pasta - Available at store location only.

Our Story


What started out as a summer sabbatical turned into an international move that forever changed our lives. Fratelli Ponzi, began as an import company when we fell in love with an Italian village called Torre di Palme and became passionate about bringing home to Oregon our high quality extra virgin olive oil.  “Fratelli” means “Brothers” in Italian and Fratelli Ponzi was the name chosen for our venture in honor of our two sons who demonstrated courage beyond their years when moving to a remote area in Italy in 2012 at the ages of 9 and 15 years old.  Our first Italian home, Casal Cristiana, was our inspiration as we harvested olives from trees surrounding our home for olive oil.  Casal Cristiana Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil was born. 

Fast forward six years with lots of ups and down in between, in January 2018, we transitioned a former wine bar adjacent to our restaurant The Dundee Bistro in Dundee, Oregon USA, as our new brick and mortar for Fratelli Ponzi Fine Food & Wine, an Italian influenced wine bar and retail shop.  At Fratelli Ponzi we are featuring Italian wine varietals from small producers in Oregon and Italy.  Here, guests can enjoy wine flights, comparing old world against the new, that include sparkling, red, white and rosé wines.  Three different wine flights from a selection of about 15 wines are offered daily.  We also have wine by the glass, Italian and Oregon draft beer, Italian inspired cocktails and small plates from oysters, charcuterie and cheese, Tuscan bean hummus, focaccia and Casal Cristiana EVOO, panini and more.  But the other exciting tidbit is that we are curating some interesting Italian and Oregon wines that are for sale by the bottle.  Of course, Casal Cristiana Extra Virgin Olive Oil by the bottle is available for purchase as well as our Italian coffee and selected Italian chocolates, balsamic, and pasta.  Our goal is to primarily work with our colleagues who are small producers in our Italian home region, Le Marche.  Whether you are looking for a gift, wanting a friendly place to sip lovely wines, or seeking a personalized wine tasting experience, join us! 

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Thanks for your interest!  Rebecca & Michel Ponzi

FUN FACT: In Porto San Giorgio (where we live) .... In the 1950's a study was done called the Seven Countries Study and Porto San Giorgio was one of those original Italian cities research was conducted on longevity and quality of life.  Easy access to extra virgin olive oil, seafood, natural meats and organic produce .... the Marchigiani ... and specifically residents of Porto San Giorgio and its nearby towns live for a very long time. Still today, Le Marche has the highest number of centenarians living in Europe. Frantoio and leccino are the olive varietals used to make our all natural, 100% Italian extra virgin olive oil.  We are true believers in the Mediterranean lifestyle and olive oil is at the core of the diet.  Our olives grow along the Fermana coastline near Porto San Giorgio and thrive with little attention.