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Buongiorno da Torre di Palme, Italy and welcome to our official site for Casal Cristiana Extra Virgin Olive Oil!   After a lifetime of working in his family business, Ponzi Vineyards, Michel Ponzi stepped down as CEO and has been residing in Italy since the summer of 2012, bringing his Italian heritage full circle.  Years prior were spent cultivating personal and professional relationships with frequent trips to our Italian home in the Marche region.   Through personal relationships in this small, but bountiful region in Italy, we have educated ourselves in the business of olive oil.  Through our initial experience with our own trees and working with neighboring families and their olive groves, we experienced first hand the similarities to our wine making roots and traditions.  Wine and olive oil, both are considered life’s pleasures and elixirs of health.


The Marche, while little known to Americans, has for thousands of years been known in Italy for its high quality oil.  It is documented from medieval times that the Florentines and Venetians consistently asked for oil from the Marche for their households because of its superior virtues of taste and color.   Frantoio, leccino, carboncella, and muraiolo are the olive varietals used to comprise our low acid, buttery and flavorful olive oil. 


Situated about an hour away from the Ponzi family Italian origins, our trees grow on the grand, rolling hills overlooking the Adriatic Sea.  It is this combination of sandy soil, mild ocean breezes, long warm summers and sustainable farming practices that produces this premium extra virgin olive oil we are now offering to America.  We have decades of experience with identifying, creating and bringing quality food products to our customers.  Our ownership and leadership with Ponzi Vineyards, Bridgeport Brewing Company and The Dundee Bistro, a fine dining restaurant in Oregon’s wine country, have set the standard for gastronomy excellence.  We apply this attention to detail with our Italian venture where you can expect the highest quality.


With our product, you have our guarantee you are receiving 100% extra virgin olive oil from premium fruit that has been cared for with sustainable farming practices from Le Marche, Italy.  From harvest, to production to bottling, we oversee our product.  We have the unique ability to live in a region such as this.  Our proficiency in the Italian language, our upbringing and understanding of the Italian culture, and daily interactions and contributions to our Italian community allow us to manage and to ensure our product is true, 100% Italian extra virgin olive oil from Le Marche. 


We invite you to be part of the growing olive oil movement and to join us in our venture of bringing Casal Cristiana Olio Extravergine di Oliva to this expanding market.   Reserve your order for next year’s harvest by enrolling in Viva Verde, our exclusive olive oil club.  With you as an ambassador of our brand, we will keep you up-to-date with our Italian adventures, recipes and information about olive oil in general.  Join us in the pursuit of good food.  Being healthy tastes great.  As our Italian friends say, “la vita e’ breve, mangia bene!”  Life is short, eat well!