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Olive Oil FAQ

What are some of the health benefits of extra virgin olive oil?


It boosts our immune system, helping to protect against viruses as well as to fight against other diseases such as cancer, heart disease, oxidative stress, high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, rheumatoid arthritis and osteoporosis.


Why is olive oil touted as the magical elixir to health over other oils?


The olive is a fruit, not a grain, legume, vegetable or nut that many other oils are derived.   Olive oil is known as one of the best sources of monounsaturated fatty acids, a type of fat that has been shown to improve blood cholesterol levels. The antioxidants in olive oil have also been shown to help fight a multitude of diseases.  For a more in-depth explanation, see “ Health Benefits Page”.


Why is there such a wide range in price for olive oil?


Producers, quality, labor and market demand all affect the price.  There are various levels of olive oil – the highest – extra virgin. 


What does extra virgin mean?


Extra virgin olive oil is pressed fruit (olives) juice without additives or any sort of chemical treatment, without use of heat and is always first pressed.   “Virgin” oil is also means that the oil is not refined and high quality.  Its quality and taste is influenced by olive varieties, soil, farming practices, and production methods of the producer.


How can I tell if the olive oil I am buying is truly extra virgin and 100% olive?


Flavor is the leading indicator of true extra virgin olive oil.  However, if you haven’t had the opportunity to taste “real” EVOO, then it is difficult to determine.  Reputable sources and small producers are your best bet as the industry is loosely regulated.   See below palate descriptors to help identify your oil.


What palate descriptors will help identify extra virgin?


When tasting your olive oil, look for a pleasant fruity flavor of fresh olives.  Ripe fruit yields oils that are milder, aromatic, buttery, and floral. Green fruit yields oils that are grassy, herbaceous, bitter, and pungent. Fruitiness also varies by the variety of olive.  Sometimes there is a slight bitterness on the tongue and peppery sensation in the mouth and throat.  


How do I use extra virgin olive oil?


For unrefined, unfiltered olive oil such as ours, the smoke point is around 374 °F so frying at high intensity is not recommended.  (Refined and processed olive oil has a higher smoke point of 410 °F.)  We recommend using our olive oil for cooking (as opposed to “frying”) or baking and to finish off sauces, make salad dressings, or drizzle over roasted meats, fish and vegetables, even toasted bread and scrambled eggs.  The opportunities for good health are countless with extra virgin olive oil. 


How do I store my olive oil to retain its freshness and health benefits?


Olive oil’s health benefits and flavor diminishes greatly when the oil is exposed to light, heat and air.   It is important you store your olive oil away from heat and exposure to sunlight, so store your extra bottles in a cupboard, pantry or basement.  Our olive oil is packaged in a dark bottle for protection, but don’t leave it in an area with direct sunlight.  Always securely fasten the cap back on the bottle after use to prevent rapid oxidation from exposure to air and try to use an open bottle within two months.   


What makes your olive oil different?


We have decades of experience with identifying, creating and bringing quality food products to our customers.  Our ownership and leadership with Ponzi Vineyards, Bridgeport Brewing Company and The Dundee Bistro, a fine dining restaurant in Oregon’s wine country, have set the standard for gastronomy excellence.  We apply this attention to detail with our Italian venture where you can expect the highest quality.

With our product, you have our guarantee you are receiving 100% extra virgin olive oil from premium fruit that has been cared for with sustainable farming practices.  From harvest, to production to bottling, we oversee our product.  We have the unique ability to live in a region such as this.    Our proficiency in the Italian language, our upbringing and understanding of the Italian culture, and daily interactions and contributions to our Italian community allows us to manage and to ensure our product is true, 100% Italian extra virgin olive oil from Le Marche. 


What types of olive varietals are used in your oil?


Frantoio, leccino, carboncella, and muraiolo are the olive varietals used to comprise our low acid, buttery and flavorful olive oil.  These varietals are special to the Marche region because of its unique location with grand rolling hills, sandy soil, long warm summers and cool ocean breezes.  The combination of these factors and varietals create a flavor that is of fresh olives with hints of floral and apples.