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Celebrating Labor Day with Italian Artisans

September 01, 2014

In honor of the American Labor Day this weekend, I am dedicating this blog to my Italian friends, who continue to work, seek employment and strive to be resourceful in the midst of Italy's continuing financial crisis and to compete in a global market while protecting their country's heritage and traditions.  Italy just would not be the same without slow food, regional cooking, musicians, and artists of all kinds.  I hope they can keep it alive as the world becomes smaller with technology.

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30 days, 3 more stores, and 10 Pounds Later

August 25, 2014

It was a whirlwind and fantastic 30-day trip to the West Coast this summer visiting friends and sharing Casal Cristiana Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil (CCEVOO) through numerous events, dinners and tastings. The cool, green forests and valleys of vineyards of the Pacific Northwest certainly contrasts with our life in the sub-tropical Italian region of Le Marche where it is blue as far as the eye can see with little separating the Adriatic and the sky.  The air, energy and vistas are charged so differently.

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Happy Anniversary to CCEVOO!

July 16, 2014

This summer marks two years living in Italy and this July is the First Year Anniversary for Casal Cristiana Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil (CCEVOO)!  We embarked upon our new venture with great enthusiasm, aiming to share our love of real extra virgin olive oil and to bring the Ponzi Italian-American connection full circle.  From the Balcony of the Adriatic to the Heart of Oregon Wine Country, Join us on Saturday, August 2nd for our 1st Year Anniversary Celebration Dinner at The Dundee Bistro.

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Summer Love, Let's Make a Date!

June 23, 2014

Everything is better in the summer; the sunshine and warmth, colorful flowers, blue skies and explosion of fresh fruits and vegetables!  It seems everyone is happier with beautiful weather and food that flourishes so easily for our enjoyment.  It's not a chore to make healthy and delicious meals when flavor is at our fingertips.

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